@Mastodon is there any big difference in 3.1.4 and 3.1.5 that would make me want to take the chance and break my working instance

anyone know of a good Linux O/S to put onto a Iphone 5

@Billgamble just a Note the Mastodon system does not block most content, it's up to you to block it if it offends you

@Billgamble nice to see you here, explore around it connects all over the world.

watch this very interesting

I also believe they should not exit with full pensions and health benefits. its called public service

@Orakel I have two girls ended up getting Divorced and ex moved far away, so I never had to worry about shooting some punk for laying hands on my girls in one way or the other

@AGT Music the media that can bring all peoples together, it can soften the heart and soul and bring love to a broken world watch this and see how



I got a message from Facebook about comment I made on picture of NAFTA slim, I call them a bunch of White Trash, they said my comment was only going to be seen by me, my comment didn't meet their standards, but they allow the F*&k word

Co worker of mine just told me Booze-Allen no longer observes Columbus day, they have replaced it with a "You Day" take it when you want, Wow really getting silly

@CapnJack Hey welcome CapnJack look around, I just built this at the beginning of this year, interesting to see how far this network reaches

Want to watch a youtube video from a very smart young black lady concerning George Floyd issue, look for Candace Owens

And the United States thanks to President Trump is back in space without Russia's help

I've trying to install and config BigBlueButton on linux 16.04, something is always broken. I did get openmediavault going very nice and easy

@bigl0af another President Trump fan Yeah, 4 more years

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