Who would you vote for in 2024 for president

The American Flag is fine got some digbats trying to change it to reflect the American climate, poop on that idea

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Spread the word of decentralized social networks and put Facebook and the like outa business for their censorship

Love the words of Seth I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss from her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it. One.

If you must have an ID to join the military, buy liquor, Drive a Car, Cash a check, why in Gods green earth would you not want one to make sure a person is eligible to vote, in any state

Under Biden's control, A high capacity magazine is anything over 17 rounds. So My dads Winchester 22 made in the 1930's holds 21 short or 17 Long rifle, My Glock 19 Gen4 holds 19, under his rule my weapons are illegal, do you really think Americans are going to stand for taking these. I'm afraid this ding bat is opening a can of worms he doesn't want , show me a weapon that walked up and shot someone, it's the crazies go after them not a law abiding citizens

News is saying Biden is going to Ban assault weapons, First Define Assault weapon, My glock 19 holds 17 rounds

I have disabled my Facebook account and am now using Open Source Social Network at aztalker.com

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Now this is a man I have admire for a few years, I would vote for him in a heart beat


Anyone know something about this"Apple is deleting what they think is abusive/threatening to public decency including certain individual being "followed.""

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