Candace Owens Suspended for Encouraging American Defiance Against Lockdown

Conservative commentator Candace Owens was suspended from Twitter for encouraging Americans to defy stay-at-home rules. Owens blasted Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Friday for her stringent stay-at-home policies enforced on her state. The fiery tweet tweet reportedly read that: "Apparently @GovWhitmer believes she is a duly elected dictator of a socialist country. The people of Michigan need to stand up to her. Open your businesses. Go to work. The police think she’s crazy too. They are not going to arrest 10,000,000 people for going to work.”

@bigl0af Personally don't put money over my health or loved ones, you can replace the job, or income, but the chance someone I love getting the virus is not worth the chance. sure hate to goto work and have some idiot bring it to the work place, how would you feel if the CHANCE of giving it to your child and they die, how will you handle that for the rest of your life

Dying free is better than living as a slave. And I'm a father of three!
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