@info_activism what about the unborn child's rights to life, under normal circumstances the couple should have taken measures to prevent a pregnancy, rape, incest, etc.. now that's a different matter, but to just have an abortion because you don't want the child is no excuse to kill a living enity

anyone else have issues with foxnews comments on news no loading, just kinda show a grey area that waves in the winds effect

OUR issue is not guns, it sick people who use them, show me a picture of a gun that walked up and shot someone and you can have mine, don't take my ability to protect my wife and myself, change our sick society

Upgraded Topic-master.com from 3.5.0 to 3.5.1 today 04/16/2022

@stsmith Not to wise to post the assassinate option you could find yourself the object of big brother watching you

Been watching Pluto TV love the programs HATE the far left commercials owned by Paramont California base network what should I expect

@itnewsbot Yeah I have no desire to have a fake pregnant man, come on how stupid is that

Sometime in January or February We will be moving to Stuttgart, Germany for my Job, This site will be down until I can get setup with the new internet provider, But I will bring site back up

Just upgrade my Mastodon instance to 3.4.4

Looking to self host another, forum, social site, anyone have a desire. I have tried MINDS, but the documentation is soo poorly written and not maintained well, I could never get it up

Do you plan on Voting for a Democrat in 2024

This Dumb Ass President we have is going to give law breaking people 450K , are you out of your freaking mind. The dumb party that put him in office by one means or another should be strung up

@dodona the vote you were probably trying to access had expired and also the creator can not vote, by Mastodon design

@caranmegil yeah I have to wait a while for that, I exceeded there number of time to use it on that domain name, I have used it playing around too much

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