@caranmegil yeah I have to wait a while for that, I exceeded there number of time to use it on that domain name, I have used it playing around too much

@caranmegil Thanks for the help I installed sendmail and now that is working too,

@caranmegil if you have not used webmin check it out very easy to install also, I am installing sendmail with it now

@caranmegil use Zimbra VERY easy to setup and like being able to setup as many email accounts as I want and it's free

@caranmegil Yeah I saw that too, and was justing thinking I had something misconfigured with phpmail.. do you use your own email server

@caranmegil nothing in the instructions says its needed if your using phpmail
but then what the heck do I know

@caranmegil nice still got a few issues, I have my email server setup and trying to addon phpmail giving me issues

@caranmegil on your own instance or comm'ing with other instances too

@caranmegil is your friendica instance federated and working

@caranmegil when done did you have a problem with the install file being found

@caranmegil Can you give a link to the documentation you used, the stuff I have is missing a lot steps

Who would you vote for in 2024 for president

The American Flag is fine got some digbats trying to change it to reflect the American climate, poop on that idea

@YesIKnowIT I would use Ubuntu, Kali is pretty much a hacker platform

Topic-master is now running Mastodon 3.4.1 as of 06/05/2021

@fuknukll Yes you can, I have this is hosted from home, instructions are kinda vague, I'm using Ubuntu server version on this instance good luck

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