I use the following
Gmail → Zimbra → Self-hosted (via R610 in my office)
Google Contacts → Zimbra
Google Drive → Nextcloud Files
Google Photos → ZenPhoto and Piwigo

Google Play Movies/TV → Plex
Google Chrome → Mozilla Firefox
Google Domains → Hover
Google Hangouts → installing BBB

I host 7 Domain, email and teleconference from home on a R610 using Proxmox VM Host (Free and awesome) I also use Pfsense for my firewall on a 12"x12" microcomputer with 32Gig ram and 230SSD

@kyle Have you looked into BigBlueButton very nice and there is a script to install

I've trying to install and config BigBlueButton on linux 16.04, something is always broken. I did get openmediavault going very nice and easy

@rb Try advertising on craigslists list or local ad sites on facebook

@bigl0af Personally don't put money over my health or loved ones, you can replace the job, or income, but the chance someone I love getting the virus is not worth the chance. sure hate to goto work and have some idiot bring it to the work place, how would you feel if the CHANCE of giving it to your child and they die, how will you handle that for the rest of your life

@bigl0af and what are these dumb shits planning doing fighting it out with the police

@Hidro and feel free to invite or pass the link to anyone the more the merrier

@Hidro Yup took me a while, mostly due to old and incomplete documentation, but it's pretty Cool check out the Federated side of Mastodon

@bigl0af another President Trump fan Yeah, 4 more years

@Margie sounds good, you can play all you want here, you can't hurt anything


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