Who will you be voting for President of the United States

using Tootle and now I get an error 401 any idea, was working fine with 3.1.5 now on 3.2.0

@efi @rozina Oh well no loss, she has info she may not have asked for but might be interesting, perhaps you could chime in and help

@efi @rozina she had also asked about a application to display some of her art

@rozina @efi have you tried any of the open source photo albums like Piwigo or ZenPhoto I use both and are nice displaying photo's and allowing comments

@memnus Ahhh Corsets were meant to hold the female body in a nice shape, and no come-on but you don't need it lol

@rozina @efi Try wordpress , very nice and is probably right up your alley of needs

@nasa man the capsule looks pretty burnt up, but it did the job

@rozina obtain a domain name, find a hosting company or host yourself from home, then if linux put your code in /var/www/html if using apache webserver and then Google is always your friend

there is an app on the iPhone and androids phones the government can use to track once you have been exposed. iPhone goto settings/privacy/Health


Ahhh just ugraded topic-master.com to Mastodon 3.2.0 wasn't too bad about 30min of work, documentation on doing it needs some work, they assume a few items were done before the actual upgrade

@itnewsbot Don't think I will waste my time listening to a voice, that has been awesome to be silent now for over 3 years

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