If you must have an ID to join the military, buy liquor, Drive a Car, Cash a check, why in Gods green earth would you not want one to make sure a person is eligible to vote, in any state

Under Biden's control, A high capacity magazine is anything over 17 rounds. So My dads Winchester 22 made in the 1930's holds 21 short or 17 Long rifle, My Glock 19 Gen4 holds 19, under his rule my weapons are illegal, do you really think Americans are going to stand for taking these. I'm afraid this ding bat is opening a can of worms he doesn't want , show me a weapon that walked up and shot someone, it's the crazies go after them not a law abiding citizens

@zleap well you are welcome to your opinion, but given the chance I would vote this down in a heart beat, gives people the idea we owe it to them for sucking air, and it just more of a socialist move into the united states, they're just spending money we never had in the first place

@zleap ok maybe so, then who is paying for every person in the united states to get money, we already have spent trillions of dollars we don't have, do we just keep printing paper

@zleap Not sure if I go for this, that would give an incentive to people not to get jobs

@duckhp @stsmith I agree can not stand the dirty jerks, and am concerned about the for left attitudes

News is saying Biden is going to Ban assault weapons, First Define Assault weapon, My glock 19 holds 17 rounds

@FediFollows tried to install as a VM with Promox, it did not see the 300Gig Virtual drive and would not install,said no disk found

@joacim Nice I need one big enough for a server also

Spamgourmet Alternatives

MailDrop. MailDrop is a free throwaway e-mail address. ...
10 Minute Mail. Temporary disposable e-mail service to beat spam. ...
AnonAddy. AnonAddy is an open-source anonymous email forwarding service. ...
Mailinator. ...
Bouncr. ...
Temp Mail by Privatix. ...
Guerrilla Mail. ...

@Robman375 Oh yeah she is one crazy Beoch, would not trust her even in bed, she might stab you while you sleep

@jlio how about we just call it a day, your far left, I the the right and nether are going to convince the other is correct on any topic.. just wasting time, I'll end it since I started the conversation you tooted about

@jlio So all browns are bad, if that's what you believe than I respect that, don't agree, but that on you. you simply can not label all of something bad, simple because they don't agree with your belief system when you're pointing the finger at someone, look at the onefinger pointing back at you

@jlio again your left remarks point out the prejudice in you making blanket statements, it’s like saying ALL brown people are bad, they are not and not all white people are bad of course you know this, but you are determined to label all of something bad when they don’t agree with you,

@TonyStark @jlio lol I am the least racist person, but you on the hand , use the race card when people don’t agree with your point of view

@TonyStark @jlio wow you differently left sided, and what bad behavior are you chatting about

@TonyStark @jlio I never said I disliked him, not once, we have a difference of opinion as how to get citizenship

@jlio Oh and for the record, my wife is Latino, her mother is Mexican and her father is Puerto Rican and all agrees 100% with the right way to get citizenship, plus I was a contractor for USCIS for almost 13 years

@jlio Sure is, but there is a wrong way and a right, I'm all for it, but you don't come marching up to the wall or gates asking for it. That last statement is a blanket statement not true to all people, mostly we don't just let anyone in, especially when their background is unknown. you can't make blanket statesments like that and expect white,black, red, purple to take you serious

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