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I want to self host Videos, I have looked at PeerTube and VideoGoblin, would prefer PeerTube but the installation documentation is poor and the IRC help room is useless 231 people shown and not one Boo out of any of them when I asked a question

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That's not what I was referring to, but I think masks decrease transmission and other vaccines prevent other diseases. So while I don't think I would be one of the tiny percentage to die from COVID if I got it, I do think those precautions do help prevent some people from dying. Now will you answer my question?

any good, recent instructions for install PeerTube on Ubuntu 18.04

Ok interesting Application that interfaces in with a COVID tracking interface on your iPhone or Android phone that was installed without telling you
iPhone goto your Setting/Privacy/Health and you will see the CoVID-19 Exposure Logging interface
here is the software that activates this ability
Here is the article about it

Who will you be voting for President of the United States

using Tootle and now I get an error 401 any idea, was working fine with 3.1.5 now on 3.2.0

there is an app on the iPhone and androids phones the government can use to track once you have been exposed. iPhone goto settings/privacy/Health

Ahhh just ugraded to Mastodon 3.2.0 wasn't too bad about 30min of work, documentation on doing it needs some work, they assume a few items were done before the actual upgrade

WOW after some trials and learning experince and much help from the Mastodon IRC channel I am now up on mastodon 3.1.5 and ruby 2.6.6

anyone got good documentation to upgrade from mastodon 3.1.2 to 3.1.5 and anything else that needs upgrading

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