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Under Biden's control, A high capacity magazine is anything over 17 rounds. So My dads Winchester 22 made in the 1930's holds 21 short or 17 Long rifle, My Glock 19 Gen4 holds 19, under his rule my weapons are illegal, do you really think Americans are going to stand for taking these. I'm afraid this ding bat is opening a can of worms he doesn't want , show me a weapon that walked up and shot someone, it's the crazies go after them not a law abiding citizens

News is saying Biden is going to Ban assault weapons, First Define Assault weapon, My glock 19 holds 17 rounds

I have disabled my Facebook account and am now using Open Source Social Network at

toot:relay test

Topic-Master is now running Mastodon v3.3.0

Now this is a man I have admire for a few years, I would vote for him in a heart beat

Anyone know something about this"Apple is deleting what they think is abusive/threatening to public decency including certain individual being "followed.""

Do you believe this U.S. election was compromised

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Do you believe this U.S. election was compromised

Do you believe this U.S. election was compromised

The background behind the voting machines causing such a controversy in the United States.
Read this very interesting

Well folks, those of you that own guns AND voted for Biden, you voted yourself taxes. this is how it works according to his proposition released today
1. if you own a rifle you must pay 200.00 per rife and fill out a 13 pages form and register it AND if you own a high capacity magazine larger than 10 rounds that too has to be registered,
2. other option you voted for was to take what Uncle Joe offers you for your expensive rifle probably 200-400 dollars.
YOU wanted him YOU got him

Some interesting facts about Car batteries
1.) The only significant amount of Nickel is found in Canada
2.) The flake graphite used 65% minded in China
3.) The world Lithium 75% comes from Argentina, Chile and Bolivia
4.) All Cobalt 65% comes from the DRC
5.) Nickel 50% comes from Indonesia they banned export
6.) Cobalt has not been mined in the US for 40
7.) The only Lithium Brine operation in the U.S. only produces 1,000 tonnes per yr
8.) The U.S. prod'd 0 tonnes of graphite in 2015

States today you stay Great or start a downward spiral from the far left, higher taxes, open borders, depleted military, amnesty for 11 Million ILLEGAL immigrants. abortions paid by tax payer dollars, 2nd amendment rights lost or diminished and extreme far left laws. you vote Biden in you should be ashamed.

2020, or the United States is going to be in a VERY bad Place

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